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The Studio //

Alex Lerner Landscape Design is a Vancouver, BC based studio that provides quality Landscape Design services to Homeowners, Contractors, and Architects. Since its establishment in 2018, the studio has created numerous designs for Single-Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, and Commercial projects. We are proud to have dozens of built projects in the Lower Mainland, Sea to Sky Corridor and Sunshine Coast.


Our team includes professional landscape designers and an architectural technologist. To implement our designs we partner with leading contractors and suppliers in the industry to guarantee all projects are on time and on budget.


Alex Lerner (BLArch.) //
Founder x Principal Designer

Alex Lerner, the founder and principal designer, holds a university degree in Landscape Architecture. He gained his design experience with a number of landscape architecture firms and hands-on landscaping experience with a major BC contractor. Although Alex has worked on a wide range of projects, including commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational, he finds residential projects to be the most rewarding due to the personal relationships with clients and the unique nature of each project.

As many residential outdoor spaces are installed without a proper design, usability is often compromised. Lack of planning results in generic spaces that do not serve their owners. Alex founded the studio to create site-specific designs that reflect the client's lifestyle and character. The studio offers professional yet affordable design services with this goal in mind.


Design Approach //



We listen to the client's wishes, understand their needs, and come up with elegant solutions that are likely to exceed expectations.


We use advanced tools and techniques to create and communicate our designs. Our immersive methods of presentation include photorealistic 3D rendering, 3D fly-throughs, and VR presentation. 


Great ideas are not enough - they need to work. We are experts in taking an idea from its conceptual stage to a high level of detailing. We ensure it works and will continue working for years to come.


Outdoor living spaces are highly personal. This is where people spend time with their family, relax after a long day, and create lasting memories. No two sites are alike and no two clients are alike. We believe that every project needs to reflect the lifestyle and character of its owners. 


It takes two to create a personal living space - the client and the designer. To avoid creating generic and poorly suited spaces, we invite clients to be involved in the design process. We love to hear about their dreams and what inspires them, so we can incorporate their personality into the design.

clients & partners


Homeowners //

Design & construction projects are always a daunting endeavor - this is a known fact. But what if we told you that it doesn't have to be this way? What if we could offer a smooth and stress-free experience, so you can focus on what you enjoy most? 

Well, this is exactly our superpower. We specialize in breaking the overwhelming process of design & installation into bite-size pieces. Once the design phase is complete, we partner with the best contractors in the industry to bring your project to life. A construction project can be a major investment of your time and money, so we want you to do it right the first time. From design to installation, we are there for you and with you.

Contractors //

Struggling to ways find ways to stay on time and on budget? Contractors work with us because we understand their priorities. We understand timelines, building codes, and local bylaws, so we are always on the same page with you. Not only do we help contractors save time and eliminate mistakes on site, we also help them diversify their project portfolio and win high quality projects. 

Would like to hear more? Ask for our Contractors sample package >>

Architects //

We speak the language of Architectural Design and are experienced in providing designs that complement architectural work. We are also fully CAD capable, so our collaboration is always streamlined. Need landscape drawings for Development or Building Permit Applications? We are here to help!

Would like to hear more? Ask for our Architects sample package >>


We value our clients & partners, and are committed to their success. Our hope is that you will join the growing list of our collaborators...

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Every site is unique and every client has a different lifestyle. This is why uniform pricing never worked for us.

A good design requires time, love, and attention. We are happy to provide that for our clients.




 $2500 to $5000+

Small site >>> Large site

Local site >>> Remote site

Simple site >>> Complex site

Basic design package >>> Full design package

Single-Family residential project >>> Commercial project


(you get the idea)


1 // We find that clients are much happier with the end result when enough time was dedicated to find the right solutions.

How much time? That depends on the project. In general, a comprehensive design process typically takes 2-4 months.


2 //  We care about each project and go to great lengths to provide high quality service. That is why we are being selective with the projects we take.

3 // Our designs are never generic. They are tailored to the client's needs, budget, and site conditions. We carefully learn all        three components and deliver creative solutions within the parameters.




why us



Landscape Design is our expertise - not a side service. This is what we do all day, every day.


We are exclusive and selective with the projects we take. That is why each client gets our fullest attention and our best resources. 


Attentiveness and communication are the keys to our success. We are as personable as we are professional.


We are fully insured for all design related Errors and Omissions. You can rely on us with confidence.



We truly care about your project. Your success is our success.


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