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Single-Family Residential


Vancouver, BC


652 m² [7,017 ft²]


Design Completed

W 19th Ave


Vancouver's Shaughnessy neighbourhood is known for its classy architecture and heritage homes. The owners of this property wanted to maximize the usability of their outdoor spaces, while complementing the contemporary colonial style of the house. The main objectives were a functional space for entertaining, active play area, and enhanced privacy.


The primary challenge was overcoming a harsh slope in the backyard that was retained in tiers, which led to fragmented and poorly accessible spaces. To address this, an elegant design was proposed to create three distinct spaces - a patio, lawn, and play area - with smooth transitions between them. 


The patio is designed as the perfect entertaining space with a new outdoor kitchen. A cozy seating area with a large fire table is sheltered by a glass-covered pergola. Wide stairs lead to an adjacent play area that is visible from the patio but does not infringe on the main social space.

The other side of the house includes a smaller, more intimate patio for the family's casual use. To add an artistic flare, a unique paving pattern was introduced throughout the site. In this pattern, linear bands of cobblestones were integrated into the basalt paving to create interest by using traditional materials in a modern design. 

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